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10501 ne Hwy 99 Vancouver, Wa 98686


10501 ne Hwy 99 Vancouver, Wa 98686

We expect to move to the new location by late summer with no lapse in services

The relocation of SPLASH has been a long time coming but the move will be happening SOON!

   Kristin started Splash Canine Hydrotherapy and Recovery at the current Ridgefield location six years ago using only the existing pool for all hydrotherapy services. Two years later she added a Hudson Aquatics Underwater Treadmill which expanded her variety of hydrotherapy services. 


    One year ago, she was notified that the landlord would be repurposing the building and disabling the old and worn pool. Since then Kristin has been on a mission to find the right space to relocate Splash and all of her equipment along with purchasing a new and bigger pool. After many failed attempts and locations that fell through, Splash will be expanding the entire facility to include room for outside professionals to bring in services like veterinary acupuncture, animal chiropractic, animal massage and canine rehabilitation.


    This has only been possible with the help and generosity of many people who have donated toward the cost of this monumental project! 

The Build Out

New 3,000 sf Space


Old 9' x 14' Pool
(too old to move)


             New Floor Plan


New 12' x 16' Endless Pool
(google image)

endless pool 12 x 16.jpg
Coming soon, additional services!
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